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"Borisoglebskoe" Residential Area

Жилой комплекс Борисоглебское
Жилой комплекс Борисоглебское
Жилой комплекс Борисоглебское
Квартиры от 30 м2 до 88 м 2
Жилой комплекс Борисоглебское
ЖК Борисоглебское "Кленовый квартал"
Жилой комплекс Борисоглебское
Завершаем строительство Кленового квартала
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Driving directions

About "Borisoglebskoe"

"Borisoglebskoe" is the first low-rise complex building project from the "StroyInvestTopaz" company designed for "comfort class segment" in the New Moscow territory.

The total built-up area on a plot of 120 hectares is 330 m2. There will be built 219 three-storeyed residential buildings In the "Borisoglebsk" area. The end of the first stage is in 2015. Putting the residential complex into operation according to the project declaration is December 30, 2016.


"Borisoglebskoe" residential area is located in the administrative district of Troitsky Administrative District (Novofedorovskoe settlement, Zverevo village) in 35 kilometers from Moscow to Kievskoe Shosse highway in a clean area of New Moscow. The territory of "Borisoglebskoe" area is surrounded by forest. "Borisoglebskoe" buildings are situated on the south-west area which is today considered to be one of the most comfortable and prestigious areas to stay. Major transport route leading to the residential complex is well-organized Kievskoe Shosse highway, known for its good road surface, convenient transportation and a lack of traffic lights. In walking distance from the complex is Rassudovo railway station that allows to get the capital center within 50 minutes by train.


The project involves the creation of a comfortable residential complex with a developed infrastructure, which includes school, 3 kindergartens, a sports complex, shopping center, multi-functional centers of social and business destination  an Orthodox church. Over a third of the project area is planned for planting and landscaping. In the yard of each house there will be equipped comfortable green recreational areas and playgrounds. Guest parking is provided  for car owners and guests.

The central street of the "Borisoglebskoe" residential complex  is an alley with bike path and with a length of 1.5 km starting from «Rassudovo» railway station. Boulevard leads to the shopping center, office building complex and further through the picturesque footbridge over the Rassudovo-Zverevo highway, to the temple of Boris and Gleb on a hill.

The project concept

"Borisoglebskoe" residential area is shown by typical blocked and freestanding apartment buildings. Image of a modern and comfortable apartment complex is formed by the idea of expanding the space due to the persity of the layout of residential groups and additional territory allocated for parking and walking areas. The projected territory is pided into four quarters, each of which has its own name such as Maple, Birch, Rowan and Lilac. Districts are combined with each other and the central area of Oak Alley. The original idea of the project as well as a kind of benchmark for the new residents will be trees planted in accordance with the names of quarters. Blooming lilacs in the spring, lush green maple and birch in summer and bright rowan berries in autumn make "Borisoglebskoe"residential complex  beautiful at any time of the year.

Graceful three-storeyed houses create a feeling of space and comfort at the same time, and a variety of decorating eliminates the monotony of the facade.There is also a huge choice of different layouts of one-, two- and three-room apartments  from 33.6 to 73.95 m2.

Widescale approach of "StroyInvestTopaz" Company to the new project aroused great interest among Russian and international colleagues, as well as the Moscow administration headed by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. In 2013, "Borisoglebskoe" residential area project was presented at the International Exhibition of Investment Real Estate (MIPIM 2013) in Cannes.

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