Interview with Irena Ponaroshku

What are the latest news in your career ?

The “MTV-Russia” channel is being closed. It is the place where I worked for many years. I came there right after high school and it was my alma mater, my realization and my destiny for many years. Soon I will appear on the other channel but it's a secret for now.

In addition, the "Maxim" magazine where I monthly answer readers' questions ordered a series of large articles from me. It should be something like a guide for men into the world of women so I will sit in front of my laptop soon enough. I am also mother of 2 years old son so all my major efforts are used to take care of my family and I like it.

Iren a , you always look great so what i s your secret? Maybe a special diet or exercise program? What is your healthy lifestyle and how it relates to the countryside?

Our family does tries to lead a healthy lifestyle: we are vegetarians, we try to keep track of the origin of food that we eat and we spend two months year at the seaside each year. Therefore life in Moscow apartment does not fully meets our understanding of ecological minimum necessary for raising a child. Until the moment I became a mother, Moscow had fully satisfied my needs. But things have changed.

D id many of your colleagues bought property nearby? Do you plan to live in your house permanently or just use it on the weekends?

Yes, many of my friends either live outside the city, or rent a house. Among them there are both families and bachelors. As for me a few years ago I did not have enough patience to live regular and secluded country life.

How did you choose the residential area? What were the criterio ns? W hat did you choose finally? How did you find about our company ?

The location of the area on the Kievskoe Shosse highway was the main criterion for me because it was convinient way to visit my Moscow apartment and other places. My parents live nearby and it takes 20 minutes to get to them through Troitsk Town. My husband often flies in business trips and proximity of Vnukovo airport is another advantage as it takes the same 20 minutes to get there comparing to 2-3 hours which is usual for others. We rented houses in Krekshino and Pervomayskoe villages for three years and the last two years we've been happily living in "Zimnyi Sad” ("Winter Garden" Eng) Residential Area. During that period we moved from one house to another but anyway we got keen on this area. We moved here from the city because of our son who grew up and took our first walk here. His second Birthday will take a place this year and this summer he will drive his little baby car and may be even pick up neighborhood girls.


Were you initially look ing for ready house or land sector for construction?

Initially we searched for the house but now we are inspired by the idea of ​​construction. The project is ready and this spring we will lay the foundation.


Are you satisfied with your choice of "SIT" company ? Does the company fulfill its obligations?

I've been living in "Topaz" residential area for 2 years already and I know with whom I connect my future. I like it, I am satisfied and calm here as I can create, live and be happy here.


Would you advise our company and residential areas to your friends?

First of all, I can recommend the team of “SIT" company to everybody. They are reliable, honest, responsiblepeople who are pleasant to deal with. It was the first time in my life when I bought a land and it was really exciting for me. I am thankful to the sales department of “SIT" company as negotiations and dealing with them brought me pleasure.

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