"Stroyinvesttopaz" company

StroyInvestTopaz company was founded in 1994 and has been operating on the construction and operation of residential estates and housing estates. Today the company SIT is the largest developer and builder in the suburbs and New Moscow. The company consists of several departments, allowing yourself to create new projects without the involvement of third-party contractors. This design, and implementation of the full cycle of construction and operation and maintenance of the constructed real estate.

Material and technical base of the company SIT has more than 150 units of construction equipment, and state of construction and assembly units - more than 1,000 highly qualified and competent professionals. Capacities of SIT are: own sandy quarry, manufacture of paving slabs and lightweight aggregate concrete blocks and wood processing enterprise for cutting laminated veneer lumber.

Completed projects SIT Company:

Our advantages

  • Since 1994 on the market
  • We selected 20 467
  • Only eco-materials
  • 21 project
  • We have participated in international exhibitions
  • Only the scenic spots

In the 21 years existence of the company - realized 21 residential buildings of the project total about 828 hectares and has a population of about 20 000 people, in addition, some 400 hectares are being developed for various new projects.

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