"Zimnyi Sad" Residential Area

КП Зимний сад
Коттеджный поселок Зимний сад
КП Зимний сад
КП Зимний сад
КП Зимний сад
КП Зимний сад
КП Зимний сад
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Harmony with nature and comfortable life all year round

A house in the country is not just a choice of residence. In a sense, it is a real way to harmony, comfort and peaceful  life. "Zimyi Sad" is a residential area of business-class which was built by "StroyInvestTopaz" ("SIT" Company ) and combined all the advantages of country living and urban comfort ideal for year-round living.

"Zimyi Sad" can be considered as one of the most "fundamental" residential areas created by "SIT" company. Its construction began in 2000. During this time period the area significantly changed and gained European comfortable style. In 2012 a sale of exclusive forest plots of new line without a building contract and with size from 1200 m2 and more was open. 

About 100 households are locates on the 25 hectares of territory.The  traditions of life style, leisure and good neighborly relations are settled in the area and "Zimyi Sad" is very hospitable and will gladly accept its new residents.


"Zimyi Sad"residential area  is located on the bank of Desna river which is one of the most beautiful places on the coast of New Moscow. It is only 20 kilometers away from Moscow  on Kievskoe Shosse highway. It would take a literally half an hour to get there by this route known for its easy traffic access and the lack of traffic lights.

Territory of "Zimyi Sad"residential area is located deep in the forest on the distance from the noisy highway what provides a tranquil harmonious atmosphere which is integral component of the suburban life.


Surrounded by river and forest "Zimyi Sad" residential area is beautiful at any time of the year. Gorgeous pine forest gives to the residents  pleasant coolness in summer and a magical Christmas landscape in winter. Clean air saturated with oxygen and a small natural pond near the forest create an atmosphere of peace and pacification.


Revomayskaya village in close proximity is ready to provide the residentials of "Zimyi Sad" a wide range of infrastructure such as kindergartens, schools, clinics and pharmacies, shops, cafes and markets. A little further there is  a large "Imperial Park Hotel & SPA" complex which offers its visitors entertainment on any taste incuding saunas, restaurants, beauty salons, fitness center, swimming pool, beauty and hairdressing services and much more.

Rich infrastructure of "Zimyi Sad" area also won't let you feel any regret or cut off from civilization. Each land section of "Zimyi Sad" is provided with all the necessary communications such as central sewerage, water, gas, electricity. Modern telecommunications complex of the residential area mantains connection of each house to the telephone network and high speed Internet access.

Technicians of the service company will take care of the smooth functioning of all systems, cleaning of public areas and garbage disposal sothe residents of the area will be able to get comfortable life and any needed assistance. In "Zimyi Sad" residential area there is functioning multi-level security system which includes the perimeter surrounded by a high fence, the guarded entrance  and 24/7 patrol of the territory.

Much attention is paid to the improvement of the territory "Zimyi  Sad". There is a great recreational area, spacious and bright playground with safe reliable gaming complexes, sports fields for an active lifestyle forming everything for a comfortable family vacation.

"Zimyi Sad" residential area  is a true example of a luxury country living and harmony with nature!

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