"Chistye Prudy" Residential Area

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Чистые пруды
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Дома у пруда
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Driving directions and infrastructure
Driving directions

European aesthetics on Russian expances

The name "Chistye Prudy" ("Pure ponds" in English) was deserved  by the area by two reasons: firstly, in honor of its main sights which are the large ponds with pure water and secondly, by association with the same name of Moscow area  near the Boulevard Ring competiting with it in the aristocracy, but exceeding in ecological conditions.

The area created by the "StroyInvestTopaz" company ("SIT" Company) is featured by a unique European character: along with cottages and areas without a building contract customers are offered here apartments in exotic for Moscow townhouses and maisonettes. Modern apartments of various sizes and layouts with established developed infrastructure will be comfortable and favorite ones for the future residents. In accordance  with  client 's wish the "SIT" company is ready to build a house of inpidual or standard project using and the most advanced technologies on the land section without a building contract.

Thoughtful architectural design, favorable ecology, picturesque landscapes of "New Moscow" and  excellent transport accessibility make «Chistye Prudy» residential area the best place for living and give the lucky owners of such property a privileged position comparing to the owners of apartments in any fashionable area of the metropolis.

Construction of the area began in 2006-2008 and today it successfully developes and deserves love of its redidents and  increasing interest of customers.


Surrounded by the perennial forest «Chistye Prudy» residential area is located in the south-west of "New Moscow" close to Troitsk, Podolsk, Moscow, Aprelevki and Krasnoznamensk towns . It is in 20 km from Moscow and two convenient entrances allow you to get there quickly using Kievskoe or Minskoe Shosse highways. In one direction there is the innovation center "Skolkovo", business park "Rumyantsevo" and the airport "Vnukovo" which give a solid guarantee of further development of external infrastructure. It is planned to build a motorway linking those two highways. Another nice and a real prospect is the construction and launch of several new metro stations which will be a continuation of the Sokolniki Line of the Moscow Metro.

Townhouses and maisonettes

«Chistye Prudy» is unique area of "StroyInvestTopaz" Company  as it is  the only area which offers  townhouses and maisonettes.

Townhouse in «Chistye Prudy» is a modern view on the needed level  of life comfort. Purchasing a house here you get the level of urban life comfort in surrounding of New Moscow nature.

Modern apartments of various sizes and layouts in the lived-in area with a developed infrastructure  will be comfortable and loved  by its future residents.

The presence of all necessary communications, modern European construction technologies, high-quality building materials, clean area form the list of things that attract future residents of the area.

Maisonette means "a small house" in French language. Historically, it was a castle or mansion, devided among several owners. Today maisonette inherited from its aristocratic "precursors" the principle of space organization: spacious apartments consist of several different levels  of increased comfort. Each apartment in this house has a separate entrance and a small adjoining land. Maisonette is a special lifestyle, characterized by aristocracy and elegance.

The «SIT» company offers  land sections without a building contract along with ready apartments in townhouses and maisonettes. If desired, the «SIT» company can build cottages on inpidual or standard design, using the most advanced technologies for the residents of the residential area.


There are all necessary communications such as sewer, water, electricity. Adequate level of safety of residents is provided by 24/7 security, patrols and CCTV.

We will be glad if a unique «Chistye Prudy» residential area posessing aesthetics of European residences on Russian expances  will become your home!

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