Moscow, Derbenevskaya Naberezhnaya, 11 "Pollars" Business Center

"New Glagolevo" Residential Area

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Новое Глаголево
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Большой выбор готовых домов
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Спортивные и игровые площадки
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Ресторан на берегу пруда
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Ресторан на берегу пруда
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In sale
38 km
Remoteness by MKAD: 38 km
400 000
Price per weaving
Water pipeline
Sewerage system
Internal roads
General plan
Plan legend:
On sale
Sold out
I category ≥ 479 th.rub. / 100 m²
II category ≥ 532 th.rub. / 100 m²
III category ≥ 513 th.rub. / 100 m²
IV category ≥ 592 th.rub. / 100 m²
V category ≥ 608 th.rub. / 100 m²
VI category ≥ 684 th.rub. / 100 m²
Ready houses
Public territory
Children's playground
Sports ground
Forest, forest areas
Equipped beach
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Driving directions and infrastructure

Driving directions




Elegant lifestyle in a comfortable environment

" Novoe Glagolevo" is a modern country area of business class and one of the most attractive offers from the "StroyInvestTopaz " Company ("SIT" Company).

This is a unique opportunity to fully enjoy a life of a high European level without leaving Moscowv Area!


The high status of the project is emphasized by its location on a landscaped Kievskoe Shosse highway: the prestige of this direction repeats successof Rublevskoe and Novorizhskoe areas. Only 34 kilometers separate " Novoe Glagolevo" area from the MKAD (Moscow Ring Road).

Despite proximity to the capital residents will be able to enjoy the clean air and an abundance of beautiful nature landscapes: southwest suburbs sector is considered to be one of the most attractive areas from the view point of environmental conditions. In addition, the "Novoe Glagolevo" area is located at some distance from the high-speed track that allows to create a favorable and tranquil atmosphere here.


The architectural concept of "Novoe Glagolevo" area is the brevity of modern architectural forms and artistic elegance of landscape solutions. Unified European style, picturesque landscape and magnificent recreational areas create unity of minimalism and harmony with nature. The total size of the area is 73 hectares. The average minimum land section has 1500 m2 size which is enough for its owners to feel as comfortable as possible.

A land sections without a  building contract as well as ready country houses are offered for sale. "Novoe Glagolevo" area is built in the unified architectural style with comfortable houses of different layout and size (from 250 to 620 m2). Considering the topography and the general concept of the area, the architectural department of the "CIT" company developed several special projects of cottages, so that every potential buyer was certainly able to find the best option among them.


Itis worth to notify both internal and external developed infrastructure as Company "SIT" made sure that all the residents of "Novoe Glagolevo" area were not forced to give up the comfort available to them in the city.

All the necessary life-support systems are already available in houses and areas: electricity, centralized systems of water supply and sewerage mains gas. Aesthetically beautiful and comfortable entry, access system and security guard will provide you and your family with comfortable and safe accommodation in the "Novoe Glagolevo" area.

The developed infrastructure network of the area incuding beauty salon, SPA-salon, children's playgrounds, coastal walking area, supermarkets and cafes, operating temple of St. Panteleimon, the close proximity of the kindergarten and school, creates  for its residents an adequate level of comfort comparable to the city. One of the main attractions of the "Novoe Glagolevo" area is the luxury «PrimaVera» restaurant of premium class which confidently claims to be on the first positions in the ranking of "best suburban restaurants in Moscow area"

"Novoe Glagolevo" residential area is a jack for the high-flying birds!